First Post

hugo gitlab cloudflare

This is my first post on A site using:
* Hugo
* GitLab Pages
* CloudFlare

I cloned the GitLab Pages Hugo example site which includes the nessesary files to build static files using pipelines on GitLab’s CI/CD. It’s quite a slick build process. I’ve found that even commiting via the GitLab Web IDE is reasonable. Not a replacement for running hugo server locally while editing in your favorite IDE, but good enough that I can leave the personal laptop at home while I travel.

As of the time of this write, I’m using a heavily modifed version of Calin Tataru’s Minimal Theme. Some of the changes include upgrading to Bootstrap 4 and various tweaks to improve Lighthouse scores.

Finally, caching and SSL is handled by Cloudflare. Many thanks to JR for his post on that subject.

Hugo PWA

hugo pwa upup offline